Services Provided

For assistance with your Eagle Scout Court of Honor Award Ceremony

Physical Arrangements

Arrange to use the building selected (usually the sponsoring facilities). Room set-up.

Stage Setup with Flags

VIP Letters

Write and mail to government, religious leaders, sports heroes, movie stars, and other famous people requesting a congratulatory letter, certificate, or other recognition item. The originals are then put in a special binder to present to the honoree.

Congradulatory Letters and Certificates Table


Design, print and mail personal invitations to family and friends.

Custom Made Walking Stick by Ms. Sticks

A custom, officially licensed, BSA walking stick makes for a perfect gift at any Eagle Ceremony. Learn more by visiting

BSA Materials Awards / Plaques

Order and engrave as requested all awards and/or plaques to be presented.

Boy Scout Event Products



Create a program agenda of your choice and prepare copies for the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony.

Entry Table with Programs


Create and mail a media release and arrange for media photo at the great event.

Props / Displays

Assuring all awards are in place, arrange for the room to be decorated before the court of honor plus order any flower arrangements as requested.

Baden Powell Table Display


Coordinate any or all necessary refreshments required for the reception to follow.

Food and Refreshment Table