Why have someone else in charge?

An Eagle Scout Court of Honor must be well Executed, Dignified and Meaningful!

Personal Scouting Items

With Eagle Ceremony, the purpose of the Eagle Scout Court of Honor is important and it's done with distinction and pageantry so your family can relax and enjoy the occasion! After all, your time and the Committee's are limited... that's when I can help this event succeed!

From the White House, Congress, State and Local Government, religious leaders, sports heroes, corporate CEOs, movie stars, and other famous people, our Eagle Scouts have received dozens of congratulatory letters, certificates, citations, proclamations and special mementos. All are assembled in a special binder which is then presented to the honoree at his Court of Honor. (8-12 weeks advance planning)

Examples of Program Covers

Working with the Troop and Family we will buy or create program covers; Get the ceremony agenda along with other materials such as list of Scout's achievements or a photo. The program will be typed / typeset, printed and available at the Court of Honor. We will also arrange the same for matching personal invitation cards plus have them mailed.

We'll assist you with "those anxiously awaited for" refreshments following the program. We will help you in the purchasing of a special Eagle's cake and other refreshments; arrange for plates, cups, utensils, etc; and from your unit help to recruit servers; make and replenish punch; plus, set up and arrange for clean-up of the reception area and kitchen.

Sample of a stage setup

We will create a special atmosphere as we decorate the room before the Court of Honor using various display tables and Scouting visuals (Set-up time is approximately 4-6 hours). We encourage the honoree to bring patch vest, scrapbooks, and other mementos for display. The presentation/stage area will be colorful and dignified using patriotic colors along with candelabrum of Scouting significance. We will order, as requested by you, all BSA materials, awards and plaques plus have quality engraving done for all plaques to be presented.

The purpose of an Eagle Scout Court of Honor

How it works...

Like being a wedding planner, I can do the complete program from dignitary letters to closing of the ceremony. The average Court of Honor Ceremony time varies between 45 to 60 minutes.

Though I may not be able to provide stage set-up or room displays across the country (unless budget allowing), I can do every other step from here in Massachusetts via e-mail and courier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc). I can provide the following: